Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a token or airdrop?
No, we do not have a Suberra token or airdrop at the moment.

Although we are excited about the potential of Suberra tokens to accelerate growth of Suberra, we are laser focused in building out the best experience possible for developers and build out integrations to onboard more merchants.
What cryptocurrency can I accept or pay with?
At launch, we are only supporting UST (US Terra) or aUST (Anchor UST) on Terra blockchain.
What are the fees to use Suberra?
We charge a 1% fee on subscription amount processed on our platform.
Can I deposit or withdraw my funds into fiat or link a bank account?
No, Suberra does not support this at the moment. We recommend that you reach out to the fiat on-ramps and off-ramp processors supported in your country.
What blockchain are you built on? What blockchain will you support in the future?
At launch, we are built on Terra blockchain only. After launch, we will prioritise features and may explore integrations or development on other blockchains. If there is a feature that you want, do reach out to us on
Who are your investors? Are you fund-raising at the moment?
Suberra is incubated by Delphi Digital. We are not fund-raising at the moment.
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